Little Words


The new year means a fresh start, a blank slate, a new beginning. Or so says everyone these days. The cynic in me, though, calls BS. 2014 rolling over into 2015 surely marks some forward momentum in our lives but I tend to roll my eyes at people that claim that “this is the year I lose 30 pounds!” or “this is the year I find Mr. Right!” It doesn’t work that way. You’re the same person today as you were last week, albeit a little more aware of your physical and emotional well being.


Okay, cynicism aside, the optimist in me does think that this mile marker in time’s passage is a good reminder that big changes start with small shifts. And here’s what I’m doing today to shift –

Words matter. Whether it’s that extra “thank you” to your Starbucks barista, a random “i love you” text to that friend you haven’t seen a while, or a smile and “good morning” to the stranger in line at the market, these little words matter. You can spark an incredible snowball effect of positive momentum with the simplest acknowledgement.

So although the cynic in me is casting a cloud over my morning, I’m fighting with every fiber of my being to shake it off (you’re so wise, T.Swift) and remember to start small. Use those little words. Be awesome to somebody.

shirt – Le Motto (on sale right now!)
jacket – J.Crew | similar
watch – Komono @ East Dane
shoes – H by Hudson @ East Dane
scarf – my mom :)
sunglasses – Classic Specs





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