Leather Jacket 2

There are a handful of items that should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. When it comes to outerwear, a leather jacket is certainly one of those items.

It’s hard to find anything more iconic and classic cool than a leather jacket. Slip one on and almost instantly you feel something change. You stand taller. Your movements become calm and calculated. Your grin fades to a subtle, confident smile.

Leather Jacket 1

I know it can be scary to shell out some serious bucks on one jacket but the nice thing is that there are some well established styles out there to choose from (Motorcycle and Bomber jackets, for instance) which will never go out of style. I always think about it as a lifetime piece which, on a cost per wear basis, will prove to be a solid investment with how much you’ll wear it.

Stay cool,


Leather Jacket 3

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    Ondrej Winter

    Stay cool, stay Jason. :))

    Looking good man! The invesment is definitely worth it.

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