Lazy Pants


Who else has their lazy pants on today? Today’s the day those lucky lounge pants* are called off the bench and get into the game.

*also known as the sweatpants you have thrown over the back of your chair in your bedroom
LazyPants 3

I feel a little guilty donning these today especially since I can hear the faint drone of helicopters buzzing outside as they track the runners in today’s L.A. Marathon.

Although technically my lazy day, and the uniform associated with it, is a complete misnomer. I actually need to put away laundry, do my taxes, list some things on eBay, pack for a trip, prep for work meetings, and on and on …

So you could say that these are actually the most productive pants I’ve worn this weekend.

Happy Sunday,

The Essentials:
sweatpants – Lazypants
glasses – ClassicSpecs

LazyPants 2

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