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Labor Day Book Reco: Into the Water

Into the Water

There’s a glorious long weekend coming up so here’s one option for some Labor Day reading – Into the Water.

So you know I’m all about a good book recommendation. I love to get them and give them. Into the Water is by the author of The Girl on the Train – which I loved… but I’m sad to say that I just couldn’t get behind this one 100%.

I don’t know if it’s because I read it over the course of a month instead of all at once. To be fair, I love when I have a couple of long flights (like LAX -> NYC and back) when I can get totally lost in a book and power through 500 pages. And who can deny a good beach read? Getting lost in a book as the sun fades… The best! It’s when I drag a book out over too long that I think it loses my interest.

Into the Water sounded really intriguing. A murder mystery? In a small town known for witch trials? With a clandestine underage affair? Sign me up!

Sadly there were so many characters that I just couldn’t keep track of (or give a shit about) and the plot developments that you would think of as major (rape, kidnapping, murder) all sort of fell flat. It was like listening to music under water. Everything was a little muffled and soggy.

But hey – it would be a fast beach read so if you’re looking for a psychological suspense thriller that does have a pretty solid Amazon star rating, give it a go!

And don’t fret. Come back tomorrow for a fiery recommendation for a book that I LOVED.


Into the Water

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