Waikiki Bday 7

What’s been the best birthday you’ve ever had? I’ve had some super rad birthdays but this past one definitely tops the list.

We started the day with a hike and then came in to Honolulu for shopping at Ala Moana, the largest open-air shopping complex in the world. It’s there that I learned that in all my years on this planet I have developed quite the knack for spending money. It’s astonishing. I only wish that I had a credit card linked to someone like Kim Kardashian’s bank account. She wouldn’t have any idea I was shopping on her dime, would she? I could just be like one of those little sucker fish that follow around massive sharks. She could take down the big kills and I would be barely noticeable, charging a few things here and there.

Woah that was a weird daydream… I want to be Kim Kardashian’s shopping fish??

In any event, after doing some damage at the Waikiki shops we had a decadent dinner right off the beach. I’m incredibly grateful for all the well wishes and kind words. You guys really know how to make a guy feel special.

Waikiki Bday 5

Waikiki Bday 6


PS – If you happen to know Kim, let her know about my idea. Or not. Whatever. I just want some of those shopping scraps, okay?

The Essentials:
G-Star Raw tee
Dark denim
Volley Australia sneaks

Waikiki Bday 4