Just the Taste

If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to commit.

When I go to Chipotle I always get the “medium hot” tomatillo. Not spicy. Not mild.

I wear a medium in almost every type of clothing.

I get a grande at Starbucks. Tall doesn’t cut it and venti is overboard.

Goldilocks is my spirit animal.

Ok just kidding about that last one. Everyone knows that Beyonce is my spirit animal forever and always.

But my point is that I’m not attracted to extremes. I like to taste test and go middle-of-the-road and not overindulge.

Enter Flaviar. The idea is an awesome one. They send you a selection of spirits in a tasting pack (with good-sized samples) so you can give them all a test run. What a neato idea for a gift (birthday, housewarming, bachelor, etc.) – or even for yourself. I tried out a whiskey flight which was delightful.

So go with your inner Goldilocks and try some taste testing :)





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