Just Like Pleasantville

Sometimes when I reach past the pile of black sweaters in my closet and rediscover the forgotten polos of summers gone by, I feel like I’m in that movie Pleasantville. Remember that one? Before Toby McGuire was Spiderman and Reese Witherspoon was an Oscar winner? I imagine my black and white winter wardrobe suddenly interjected with vivid color.

Are you a city dweller who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing bright spring colors? I feel you – but bright, sunny days are ahead. It’s time to give in to some color and go as vivid and vibrant as you’d like. Granted, I don’t blame you if you’re holding out for a tropical vacation or weekend getaway. Sometimes those are the best opportunities to go from mild to wild.

The Essentials:
Ralph Lauren polo
White chinos
Colorful shades


Pink Polo 2

Pink Polo 7

Pink Polo 6

Pink Polo 3

Pink Polo

Pink Polo 9

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