Investing in Nothing

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People work incredibly hard just to save up enough free time so that they can do what with it? Nothing.

We bust our buns all week running from meeting to meeting. We squeeze in the gym during the wee hours of the morning or run to Soul Cycle after work before grabbing a quick dinner with friends. We try to get our errands done first thing Sunday morning so that we can beat the crowds and get first dibs at the market, laundromat and florist.

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And then what do we do? Nothiiiinnnggggg.

That extra time we’ve saved up and concentrated into a Sunday afternoon is bliss.

It’s hard to beat climbing into your favorite comfy sweater, some slouchy jeans and a pair of slip-ons. Whether you grab a coffee and window shop (one of my favorite pastimes) or wrap yourself in a throw blanket and curl up with a good book, this time is yours.

You earned it and you value it.

And there’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying that ‘nothing’ time for which you’ve worked so hard.

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