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In the Unlikely Event

I don’t know about you guys, and perhaps I am just the most morbid person ever, but I am fascinated by air disasters. FASCINATED.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance? Forget it. I was captivated. I ate up every soundbite and possible lead during the 24-hour news cycle immediately following the tragedy. 16 months later, it was oddly comforting to hear that the wing debris that washed up this week was potentially part of Flight 370.

Okay now I sound like the biggest psychopath ever.

It’s not the loss of life. That is tragic and heartbreaking and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I think at the heart of my fascination is a) my deep love for transportation. I’ve gone through phases of obsession with model planes, model cars, model ships, etc.

And b) I love a good mystery. Who doesn’t? There’s a reason CSI was one of the most popular shows on TV for almost 15 years.

They say that every air disaster is actually a blessing because it identifies a unique problem that engineers then invest enormous resources in to pinpoint and resolve. That problem should never occur again. And that’s why air travel is so safe.

Well all I had to know about this month’s C&C book club choice is that it centers around several air disasters in the 1950s. I’m sure there’s lots of plot and character development too… blah blah blah. But I can’t wait to get into this one!

In the Unlikely Event

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