“Impressions, Impressions” Pt. 1

white denim 1

white denim 1

I think guys are more afraid of white pants than they should be.

Grab a pair of white or off-white jeans in a slim cut – like these from H&M or these from J.Crew – and wear them like you would any other denim.  Not that I believe in antiquated Memorial Day / Labor Day whites rules, but now that spring is in full swing it’s time to give your jeans a break.  Work some white or even black denim into the mix.  Not only do they add some great contrast, they also stand out as something special.  Blue jeans are a completely forgettable (albeit necessary) neutral.  White denim, though, will always leave an impression.

I was at a gallery and did some white denim with a rust-colored button-down & some olive / desert tones.

Don’t be afraid to try some new color combos, including white pants!


white denim 2

white denim 3


chukka boots – Keds

shirt – Ralph Lauren

jeans / blazer – H&M


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