How To: Happy Face

I was in a bad place. I was burning out. Little things that shouldn’t even phase me were bringing me to the brink of tears and mental collapse. It felt like the world was crushing my soul.



But I was seriously bummed out. We’ve all had those days (or weeks).

There’s only one thing to do when you feel like you’re about to fall to pieces.

Mental Health Day!

Here’s how I did it:

1. Friends – Get some quality one on one time. You don’t get this same connection in a group so choose someone special and invest in that time together.

2. Exercise – I started my day with some weight training at the gym and the endorphins began pumping. Physical activity is a pretty easy way to increase feelings of wellbeing and general contentment.

3. Treat Yo Self – We chose a decadent restaurant off PCH, Geoffrey’s, for some late lunching.

4. Get Some Perspective – For me, looking out at the ocean is always a surefire way to do this. Your problems don’t seem as severe when gazing out at something so massive, enduring and significant.

And it worked! I feel clearheaded and back to normal.

Big thanks to Rockport shoes for outfitting my friend Michelle and I on #MyDailyAdventure.

Hope you have similar ways to find your happy face :)


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