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Honey Month

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In case you didn’t know – September is #HoneyMonth so as the month closes out and we roll on into October I wanted to highlight a brand you may have seen on my Instagram: Nectar Sunglasses

These Nectar sunnies are oh so stylin’ so I’ve been wearing them on the regular. But there’s much more to these shades than meets the eye. The super affordable eyewear brand inspired by outdoor adventure and beach life also happens to support TheBeeCause. I’m all about being a conscientious consumer and love that a portion of every sale goes to repopulating bee colonies.

Half of the honey bee population in the U.S. has disappeared since 1975 and the observed extinction has been even more severe in recent years. Pesticides, disease, and climate change are just a few of the culprits. These little guys are a crucial element of the very delicate ecosystem – with 1/3 of our crops relying on them.

So I welcome you to explore this amazing brand and feel good while making those purchases. In case you need any more encouragement, I love this pair, this pair, and this pair. Aren’t they cute?? I want ‘em aaallllll.

Bye, Honey Month!
Hang in there, little bees!
Thank you for shining a light on this cause, Nectar!


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