Holiday Party: Grown-Up Edition

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I’ve reached the age when showing up at a friend’s house for a holiday get-together no longer involves sweatpants and Franzia. These days I find myself more comfortable at such gatherings with a blazer over my shoulder and a nice bottle of wine in hand – and by “nice” I mean $15. Let’s not go crazy. I’m not Donald Trump.

I often thought of “grown-up” parties as stuffy and boring. As a pre-teen or college kid, adults seemingly stood around in their tweed blazers and compared 401(k)s. Boring stuff. But to my surprise, getting a little older is actually kind of nice. The booze gets better, the clothes get nicer, but you’re still the same idiots trying to figure out life. You’re still the same immature friends talking about inappropriate sexual innuendo.

So as the holidays approach and you get invites to these grown-up cocktail parties, don’t forget to look sharp. And don’t worry, nobody understands their 401(k). Just make a fart joke and grab another glass of wine.

If I were you, I’d check out fitted, structured blazers as a starting point for any polished yet casual get-together attire.

From there, you have tons of options. A light sweater (fine-knit merino wool is my favorite) and some trim-fitting denim are also easy to mix and match. When it comes to nighttime parties, the darker the denim rinse the better.

Add some snazzy dress shoes, leather wingtips being a fine choice, and you’re done! You’re a grown-up dressed like a grown-up!



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photos by Kyle Langan of From the Hamptons to Hollywood

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    I don’t know what I like better, looking at the pictures or reading your blog. I love this article on “grown up” parties. I am just happy that here in Cleveland people have started to dress up a little more so when I show up in a nice dress or skirt people are no longer saying “why are you so dressed up.” My reply has always been, ” I have all these great clothes and I want to wear them.” Since you are my go to guy regarding men’s fashion do you have any opinions on the Apolis men’s clothing line?? I have been looking at it online after reading an article about them in vanity fair. I just don’t know anyone who is familiar with them. Hope all is well in LA, give your mom a hug for me.

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      Jason Ander

      Hey Nancy! Thank you for the kind words :) I hope you and the fam had a great Thanksgiving! I actually wasn’t familiar with Apolis either but after checking them out, I like what I see! They remind me a lot of Frank & Oak. Hope all is well with you! xoxo ~j

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