Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Part 1 – Evolve by 2(X)ist

Evolve by 2(X)ist

I’m guilty of having several lazy weekends in a row recently because, let’s be honest, those are the best… which led me to think… what’s the best way to kick off my holiday season gift guide recos? Duh. It’s obvious as I sit here at noon on a Saturday having yet to leave my apartment… SLEEPWEAR and LOUNGEWEAR.

This is honestly the best idea for ANYONE on your list because who doesn’t love to lounge? Or sleep. I’m quite fond of both.

I was gifted two different sets from Evolve by 2(X)ist which is just perfect because I can have a costume change between Saturday and Sunday without any shame for being in pajamas the entire weekend.

Both sets have great details like moto pants or a little zippered chest pocket that, TBH, make me feel completely fine about wearing these down to the coffee shop in the morning. I mean throw a jacket and some running shoes on and you’re basically an Instagram athleisure model. When did going outside in your PJs become so fashionable? I’m not even being ironic or snarky. I’m just completely happy with this current state of existence.

So in summation, add comfy loungewear to your holiday lists this season and embrace a life of leisure.

In case you’re wondering… I’m still lounging and just ordered some chocolate chip pancakes via Postmates. I am LIVING.



What I’m Wearing:
Evolve by 2(X)ist Men’s Jogger Pajama Set – available at Target

What I’m Reading:
Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King – available at Amazon (duh)

Evolve by 2(X)ist

Evolve by 2(X)ist

Evolve by 2(X)ist

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