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Hike Hike Hike

Did you read that title in a Rihanna voice, but instead of singing “cake, cake, cake,” you sang “hike, hike, hike”? No? Just me? Hmm.

One of my favorite things to do on vacation, especially somewhere like Hawaii, is to go on a hike. You have the chance to commune with nature, to get a solid workout, and to save a buck on a sightseeing adventure.

We found a hike on Oahu’s north shore which, in addition to the aforementioned perks, also had some island history thrown in for good measure.

The Ehukai Pillbox hike was fairly challenging given the steep grade and recent rainstorm (mudslide central) but the payoff was insane. You ascend through a few distinct elevations, each with vegetation and a mood all its own – sleepy, spindly trees in a tight thicket, followed by a lush rainforest straight out of FernGully, and culminating in an eerily quiet pine forest.

The pine forest was home to an old, concrete WWII bunker. Although the turret guns are long gone, you can still walk into the abandoned lookout where soldiers would keep watch over the Pacific expanse. And it’s quite the view…

Birthday Hike 7

The Essentials:
Herschel Supply backpack
Classic Specs shades
athletic shorts
comfy tee

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