Going Japanese

It’s bitten again.

The travel bug has a voracious appetite for my flesh. And my wallet.

Luckily I have a seasoned travel pal who is literally down for anything. My friend Sarah is quite possibly the only person I know who would be up for the following:

Jason: Hey, Sarah! Airfare to Tokyo is like super cheap right now. Wanna go?


Jason: Okay cool I just bought our tickets!

So we’re going to Japan! Haha I am both excited and terrified.

Here’s an example of the terror. A week after booking the flight I realized my passport had JUST expired. Queue the Home Alone freakout to figure out how to renew a passport super fast!

Let’s hope that’s the one and only surprise to catch us off guard.

Oh and don’t worry – Sarah also has to renew her password in a rush.

My point in all this is that travel is amazing and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I also need to figure out what to wear in Tokyo in November. I’m pretty sure that dressing like a French guy (see above and below) will make me stick out like a sore thumb – on top of the fact that I’m a 6’4” giant…

So – many more stories to follow!

And DM me on Insta if you have any suggestions or must-sees while we’re there @ChampagneJason :)


The Essentials:
Watch – Daniel Wellington
Trench – Asos

Blue Trench 3

Blue Trench 7

Blue Trench 5

Blue Trench 1

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