Going Commando in Chicago

going commando 1I hope you didn’t expect to read about my penchant for going commando.  I wear underwear.  Ew.  Get your mind out of the gutter you dirty bird.

This commando is all about my new camouflage coat from Alternative Apparel that made me feel like G.I. Joe last weekend in Chicago.  Must… refrain… from inserting a pun about storming the urban jungle here.

The nights were still chilly so this light jacket (with a little detachable hoodie) was a great layer.

We went to dinner one night at this amazing little Italian place;  Eduardo’s Enoteca boasted fresh spring cocktails and a menu replete with authentic Italian fare.  I got the mescolare burrata (of course), and the mussels.  If you happen to be in Chi-town, check it out.  I’m curious what their brunch is like too.


PS – The whole camo thing has been called a fad and I somewhat agree.  Go easy on how much you invest in it.  This coat was massively on sale so it was a no brainer.  I wouldn’t spend much, though, and an item or two in your closet is plenty.

shirt – Hanes

shoes – J.Crew

jacket – Alternative Apparel

jeans – Uniqlo

going commando 3

going commando 2

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