Go Go Gadget

What do you think of when you hear “trench coat”?

A flasher?

Me too!

What does that say about us??

What comes to mind second?

Inspector Gadget?

Me too!!

Guys, we are completely on the same page.

I’ve never owned a trench coat before (mostly because I live in LA and rarely get to experience the delight of wearing a jacket, woe is me). But what about those times when I want to feel like Inspector Gadget while I go grocery shopping??

Well lucky me, now I can do just that.

I promise though, cross my heart, that I will never become a flasher.

Go go gadget modesty.


The Essentials:
Henley – Faces Apparel
Trench – Asos
Jeans – Express Denim

Trench 13

Trench 1

Trench 4

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