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Gentlemen Only

I just got my hands on Givenchy’s latest men’s fragrance, Gentlemen Only, and its simple, masculine, clean scent is one that you’ll love as much as I do.

I rarely go for heavy, rich colognes which are so often associated with smelling “masculine.” I don’t get that. Sure, there are the Clint Eastwoods of the world who you would imagine smell like gunpowder and cigars… but I’m a young buck who goes to Soul Cycle and checks Instagram too many times in a day. I shouldn’t smell like Sean Connery. I shouldn’t smell like I take my scotch in the den surrounded by my collection of leather-bound books…

I think you get it :)

Gentlemen Only is modern yet classic; Masculine yet light. Give it a try.


PS – This is an awesome gift idea for dads and grads this Father’s Day / graduation season. I’m neither recent grad nor youthful dad, but I smell great now. So I’ve got that covered :)

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 6

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 4

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 3

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 2

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 7

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