Classy Sh*t Grooming

Fulton & Roark

Are you an expert traveler? Like what level are you? Ninja level? Supreme Aficionado level?

Let me ask you this – if you were a backpacker, what’s one of the most important things to consider?

Yes! Dead weight!

When it comes to hauling your stuff around with you, whether it’s an inflight carry-on or a mountaineers pack, the less weight you’re hauling the better. On top of that, the FAA’s liquid restrictions pretty much rule out bringing along your favorite cologne. I wish I could cut to one of those infomercials where a guy in black and white is shaking his head exasperatedly at the sheer frustration of it all!

You know I’m going somewhere with this, right? Have I ever led you astray??

Well, my friends at Fulton & Roark turned me on to solid colognes. These cool little wax-based fragrances, nestled into a handy little swivel lid-topped container, pack a mighty punch with just one swipe of your finger and a dab behind the ears.

No longer will you worry about smelling your freshest when traveling. Throw one in your carryon, your gym bag, and your work carryall.

I love these little guys and I know you will too :)


Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 4

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 2

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 3

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 6

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