Classy Sh*t

Fresh Shave

It’s time for a change, y’all. A change in the bathroom medicine cabinet. A change in the morning routine.

I get bored very easily.

Using that same face wash or shampoo every morning makes me feel dull and unmotivated come shower time.

So I’m mixing it up! For the rest of the week!

Let’s throw some new players into the morning routine game.

Today I’m trying out L’Occitane’s shaving lineup including their shaving cream, brush and razor.

I’m really only a 2x per week shaver (usually cool with some stubble for a few days in between) so for me a shave is not an everyday thing. It’s a special treat. And this L’Occitane range makes it feel special. It’s like a French spa day for the face.

I encourage you to try some new products out in your morning routine – even some small sample sizes. It’ll make you feel like you’re somewhere much more exciting than your dull bathroom on a Wednesday morning.


L'Occitane Shave 6

L'Occitane Shave 1

L'Occitane Shave 3

L'Occitane Shave 5

L'Occitane Shave 2

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