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I’m writing this post from the backseat of a rental car, eyelids heavy and back aching, as my brother drives us home from a football game at Lambeau Field. Our team won at a drizzly, soggy Thursday night game. Go Packers!

It’s been a heartwarming trip to visit my dad’s old stomping grounds in and around Milwaukee, WI. Spending time with family always helps me hit a mental reset button.

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On the drive up to the game, we stopped in a little town on Lake Michigan called Manitowoc. It was a stirring snapshot of smalltown USA in a postmodern industrial recession. What was once a booming shipbuilding town later became the home of a now defunct Budweiser plant. The bartender at a local pub told us that the nearby hospital is probably now the largest employment opportunity around.

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Lucky Strings - Guitar String Ring

Lucky Strings – Guitar String Ring

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Lucky Strings - Guitar Bass String Bracelet

Lucky Strings – Guitar Bass String Bracelet

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The state moto in Wisconsin is “Forward” and I find it fascinating to learn how small towns like Manitowoc incubate and develop industry. What will be next for them? What will life be like for those 30,000 people who call it home?

It’s close to midnight now so I should sign off. But I can’t help but wonder what tomorrow will bring for Manitowoc as they move Forward…


PS – I chose this post to feature Lucky Strings because my dad and brothers all play the guitar. This trip with them was the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful ring and bracelet combo – both crafted from guitar strings. Check them out!

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