Fear Not

It’s the summer of tropical prints (if you haven’t noticed yet) and that means I needed some ties that fit the bill.

I was out shooting around Venice and Marina Del Rey over the weekend with a buddy of mine and the marina-adjacent backdrop was pretty much the perfect time to don my super loud Hawaiian print tie.

I don’t wear ties to work on a daily basis so for me a tie is a fun accessory not a mandatory dress code.

The one thing that might deter you from trying a tie with a loud pattern is that it doesn’t “go” with much besides a neutral suit and a white or blue shirt. Well fear not. Take a more daring approach. The key to wearing any loud print is to match it with another pattern that’s smaller and non-competitive. So a bold tropical print goes just fine with a subtle shirt pattern in a coordinating color set.

You’ll get attention with a loud tie so be ready for it. If you have the attitude to match the look, you’ll be just fine.

The Essentials:
Tie – Bows ’N Ties
Daniel Wellington

bold hawaiian 2

bold hawaiian 3

bold hawaiian 4

bold hawaiian  5

bold hawaiian 6

bold hawaiian 7

bold hawaiian 8

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