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I finally had a free day last weekend so I took the opportunity to invite a friend over and indulge in two of my favorite things – eating and watching massive amounts of TV.  This particular binge session was for one of my favorite shows, “Orange Is The New Black.”  In honor of the ladies of OITNB, we decided to snack on things that we could not live without – foods that we would miss dearly if we were stuck behind bars.

Instead of chips for your next binge-watching session, why not try a few of these?

  • fresh fruit
  • cheese board
  • cured meats; sopressata, prosciutto, salami
  • water crackers
  • flavored Perrier
  • macarons

Fancy fare like this can make even an afternoon of watching TV feel like a special occasion.

binge 3 binge 2 binge 4These are a few other shows I can’t wait to binge on:

What are you guys watching these days?


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