“Devil’s in the Details” Pt. 4

small print_seat

small print_seat

Small patterns have caught my eye recently so that’s my reco of the day – small springtime patterns.

This shirt from J.Crew is a deep navy with a small, subtle floral print that I love.  It’s a more conservative choice (you can’t even make out the floral pattern from a foot or two away) but if you’re feeling more bold there are some great options out there;  Try this one or this one.

A pair of boat shoes are my go-to on the weekend and these ones from Sebago have a cool leather fringe around the back for a little something different.

Keep an eye out for those little details!


button-down – J.Crew (similar)

shorts – H&M

shoes – Sebago (similar; Classic Topsides)

small print_full2

small print_close

small print_sebago


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