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Spending day after day on the beach last week afforded me the luxury of free time;  Time to let my mind wander and my thoughts to lazily drift between daydreams.  One topic that I kept coming back to was the idea of nostalgic places and memories of those places.

Since my parents decided to move to a new house right before I started middle school, I’m no longer able to visit the home I grew up in.  The house where I spent my formative childhood years is now somewhere that I can only visit in my dreams – and I do just that.  Whenever a dream takes place at my “home,” it’s that old familiar house that I find myself in.  My subconscious has such a firm grip on that place that it will forever be where my mind goes to construct a physical reality and concept of home.

It’s these thoughts that filled my head as we strolled down the Ocean City boardwalk.  Some people are lucky enough to be able to return to specific places, be it your childhood home or a vacation spot you see every year on a family trip.  These places represent such an important nostalgic comfort blanket to most of us.

Where do your daydreams take you?  A family vacation rental?  Your grandparents’ house?  Maybe your grade school playground?


shirt – Gap
jeans – Uniqlo
shoes – Converse
sunny Gs – similar
ring – David Yurman

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