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Confessions of a Serial Entertainer

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer

I love to entertain but I often need a little push to help get the inspiration going. I also can’t claim to be a master entertainer. Not by a long shot.

I rely on the true experts to help guide me in the right direction.

Steven Stolman is one such expert.

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer 2

He sent me a preview of his book, Confessions of a Serial Entertainer, and I’m already imagining all the cocktail parties I’ll throw.

From dips, to roasts, to desserts, Stolman features classic recipes and preaches simplification when it comes to entertaining – because above all, any party should be as enjoyable for the host as it is for his guests.

That is some advice I can most certainly get behind.

So let the inspiration begin! If you invite me over for a cocktail and some snacks, I’ll return the favor :)


Confessions of a Serial Entertainer 3

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    Love this!

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    Steven Stolman

    Thank you for your kind words. Happy entertaining!

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