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Colors of Tsukiji

I’m a sucker for a good open air market. What better way to get elbow to elbow with a throng of locals and tourists alike.

The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is home to the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market and houses a daily auction for tuna to be shipped all over the world. It’s a free sight to see (the market, not the auction – which you need to arrive at 4am to try to get in to see… no thanks!) and definitely worth the trip.

We spent the morning strolling through the crowded walkways and browsing all the seafood, produce, kitchenware, and restaurants. Obviously our stomachs started growling so we sat down in one of a hundred identical little sushi restaurants (more like a market stall dressed up like a restaurant). What followed was the freshest sushi you could probably ever eat. YUM.

I love you, Tokyo!

Tsukiji Market 22

Tsukiji Market 1

Tsukiji Market 29

Tsukiji Market 28

Tsukiji Market 26

Tsukiji Market 25`

Tsukiji Market 24

Tsukiji Market 23

Tsukiji Market 31

Tsukiji Market 20

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