You know I love the east coast. I went to school in New England; I go to Manhattan whenever I can; I get it. It’s a wonderful place and it makes me feel energized and inspired.

But there are certain colloquialisms that I just can’t get behind.

For example, when I’m waiting to buy tickets at the movies, I’m waiting in line. I’m not waiting on line. Sure, if there was a literal line painted on the sidewalk I would certainly understand waiting on line. But you are waiting IN a line of people, not ON a line of people… Right??

And another one that my Philly friends pointed out to me: When you have finished consuming something, say a bottle of water, you’re done with your water… not done your water. How do you just forget to include that helpful preposition? You’re done your water? WITH!

You know who you are.

Your phrasing baffles me.

Despite these confounding linguistic oddities, my trip to NYC last week was delightful as always. I got to don a new medium-length black coat with cool silver hardware, and a new Sprayground backpack – perfect for afternoon errands. I also lived in dark skinny denim and cozy wool sweaters for a few days… It’s spring but that March snow kept me bundled up.





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