Classy Sh*t

Cocktail Convo: T-Day Edition


Wondering what to talk about after that 3pm Thanksgiving feast? Don’t worry – I have you covered. I’ve scoured the interwebs and aggregated some of my fave pop culture topics to keep you on point in your turkey day gossip game. Here are a few of my favorite conversation starters of late:

✪ I have been obsessing over all the summer blockbuster trailers just released. It’s going to be Aca-mazing.
✪ The Cinderella trailer is all kinds of good.
✪ And did you see the Pan trailer? Yes please.
✪ And of course there was Jurassic World mania. CANNOT wait.
✪ Love the way Ariana Grande responded to Bette Midler’s diss. Diva squabble squashed.
✪ How adorable are these kids who got into trouble? Little Picassos in training.
✪ For all of you Instagramming your holiday feasts, here are some photography tips for making our mouths water.
✪ Don’t get hangry. Go get some leftovers.
✪ And finally, what better way to fill your time this holiday weekend than with some of these amazing DIY gifts? Color me crafty.

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