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Coachella Day Two

Day Two down. My poor feet. Converse are great, and I don’t think any shoes would be super comfortable after 10 hours on your feet, but yikes. Luckily, distractions abound at the Empire Polo Club grounds.

Coachella Day 2_2

Coachella Day 2_7

The Good:
You can feel that people are at Coachella to love and let loose. Sure, there are some drunk idiots who will run into you without even realizing that their full 200 lbs. of frat bro just body checked you like an LA Kings player. But there are way more drunk idiots who will run into you, spill your beer, and then apologize effusively, all smiles and love. All in all people want to celebrate and spread good vibes.

The Bad:
The selfie sticks. It’s bad enough that the festival organizers had to flat out ban them – but to then smuggle them in? Come ooooonnnnn. Take a normal selfie and wait 4 hours for it to upload to Snapchat like everyone else.

The Ugly:
Did I mention my feet? I’m grateful for the miles walked and the hours of dancing. One day I will wish my tired old legs could have that kind of stamina again. But today, my feet want a rest.

Coachella Day 2_9

Coachella Day 2_10

Coachella Day 2_1

2 days down, 1 more to go!

Peace and love,


The Essentials:

denim shirt – Artistix Jeans
sunglasses – Classic Specs

Coachella Day 2_11

Coachella Day 2_3

photo cred: @oscar

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