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Coachella Day One

Coachella 1

Day one at Coachella was a blur of lacy tops, flowing full-length sweaters, shirtless bros, loud retro print pants, and handkerchief masks.

Coachella 2

Coachella 3

Coachella 4

The Good:
Coachella is as much about the people watching as it is about the music. There’s definitely a common thread in festival attire that makes the thousands of people feel united and cohesive. I admire the folks that take some risks, and above all it’s about acceptance and being part of something bigger.

The Bad:
Don’t forget to dress age appropriately. On both ends of the age spectrum, it offends my senses to see people dressed too scantily. I’m all for being a free spirit and getting lost in the music, but don’t get lost in trends that don’t suit you. Maybe opt for a tank top instead of a bikini top… or a t-shirt instead of no shirt. I don’t want to feel like a pedophile or a Mrs. Robinson-cruiser when I see you walk by…

The Ugly:
Ladies, no matter how bangin’ your body is, I don’t want to see your butt cheeks hanging out of the back of your high-waisted denim shorts. Suns out, buns out? Not when you’re backin’ it up against me at a DJ set. Cover your buns. Same goes for the bros. Everyone admires the work you put in at the gym, but when the fist pumping to Porter Robinson means my face is nestled in your pit, maybe throw on a shirt.

Okay, that was one positive and two negative observations… so to end on a positive note, kudos to the festival hat wearers. From slouchy wool hats to wide brim fedoras, getting some relief from the sun never looked to good. The whole flower crown thing got some backlash last year, but the hat options have never looked better.

Rock on,


The Essentials:
comfy t
skinny denim

Coachella 5

Coachella 6

Coachella 7

Coachella 9

Coachella 10

Coachella 11

photo cred: @oscar

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