Cloudy Days

Katin 1

One of my favorite things to do while I lived in Boston when the weather was chilly and overcast was pop in my earbuds and go for a long walk around the city.

Cloudy days get a bad rap for being depressing and gloomy. On the contrary, since the world around you gets dim, I think it’s the perfect time to shine a light inward and do some soul searching.

Katin 4

Katin 2

Next time the weather’s got you down, let your favorite songs play out as the soundtrack to your own personal walking meditation. Breathe in the city and take in the sights.

I took a quick walk around my new neighborhood last weekend after the rain and it was incredibly therapeutic.

Katin 3

Katin 5


shirt – Katin
jeans – H&M
shoes – similar; Ugg
sweater – similar; East Dane cardigans
beanie – Goorin Bros

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