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“Clever Closet” Pt. 6

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One of the more annoying things about wear and tear on clothes is pilling.  Pilling is when small fibers break away from the fabric and collect in ugly little balls.  Call them the dingleberries of the the clothing world.

While they’re a nuisance, these little pests are actually pretty easy to get rid of – and your clothes will look brand-new again!

All you’ll need is a disposable razor and a pill-covered garment; I recently did a sweater.  I would go with a single or double blade razor – the cheap kind.  Stay away from a fancy four blader with a pivoting head since that is just too many razors going every which way over your precious sweater.  Lay the sweater flat and as smooth as possible.  If you’re doing this to a tighter piece of clothing, a pair of pants for example, it might actually be easier to wear them.  All you do is run the dry razor over the fabric.  Go slowly and make sure to keep the razor perfectly perpendicular to the “grain” of the fabric.

This works best on tighter knit fabrics so if your sweater happens to have a looser construction I wouldn’t try this.

Happy shaving!


PS:  These little tips are fun to do (and I think you guys like ’em) so I’m going to keep doing them.  I hope they help but let me know what you think!

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