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“Clever Closet” Pt. 5

freezer jeans

If you don’t already know, sending clothes through the washer and dryer is very harmful and destructive to their integrity.  The heat from the dryer just destroys the cotton fibers.  Dryer lint is actually, for the most part, little bits that get stripped and sloughed off during the drying cycle.

So why would you subject your favorite pair of pricey denim to this torture?  Don’t do it. Stop it.

Toss your jeans in the freezer instead.  The extreme cold kills all of the odor-causing bacteria from dead skin, sweat and oil, etc.that collects on your jeans.  I know – it’s gross but it happens.  The freezer freshens your denim without all the destruction of the dryer.  Once in a while, throw jeans into the last 20 minutes of a drying cycle if you so desire – especially if they’ve gotten a little loose and need some tightening up.  Give it a try!


PS: Bonus tip – as we head into the summer months it also feels amazing to pull on a cold, crisp pair of jeans!


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    Smith McQueen

    I’m doing it! Thanks for the tips.


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      Awesome! In case you have lots in your freezer, try putting your jeans in a plastic bag so they don’t absorb any lingering freezer odor :)

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