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“Clever Closet” Pt. 4

one in one out_1

one in one out_1

I’m a bit of a clothes horse so I’ve had to enforce a strict “one in / one out” policy on my closet.  Consider it LA’s hottest and most exclusive new club.  There are human Roombas, anorexic lemurs wearing angora sweaters…  wait, wait.  No – none of that.

But I do have a max. capacity policy because otherwise I would be drowning in clothes.  When something new comes home, something old has gotta go.

Here’s what I do –

Whenever I move or do some spring cleaning, I make sure all of my hangers are turned the same way.  After I wear a shirt, I turn the hanger around – thus indicating that I have worn that shirt and it’s earned its stay.  If I get to the next move / cleaning spree and there are shirts still facing the wrong way… well, it’s time to say goodbye.

Give it a try!


one in one out_2


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