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Das Boom Industries

Although I certainly have tried-and-true staples in my medicine cabinet (Carmex lip balm, St. Ives facial scrub, Kiehl’s moisturizer, etc.), I also like to test drive new products. You never know when your favorite [insert product] might be dethroned by a hot shot newbie.

After sampling Das Boom Industries, I may have found some new contenders for that prime real estate in my medicine cabinet.

Their “Everything Wash” and “Everywhere Lotion” are ideal additions to every man’s morning routine – no nonsense products to get clean and to moisturize (let’s face it, winter has left you a little withered). And with manly-man scents like bourbon, leather, bay rum … and yes, smoke and dirt(!), even getting clean won’t mean washing away your manliness.

No rosewater and lilac for you. You’re a man. Now go moisturize.


The Essentials:
Das Boom Industries – Everything Wash
Das Boom Industries – Everywhere Lotion

Das Boom Industries 2

Das Boom Industries 3

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