“Champagne Wishes” Pt. 2

blood orange cocktail

Nothing helps cut the heat like an ice cold drink.  And nothing cuts vodka like a fresh splash of citrus.

This is my version of a greyhound – fancied up a bit to be a ‘blood orange champagne cocktail.’  Sounds good, right?

I’m not much into precise measuring when it comes to cocktails so you won’t find any of that here.  Just a few basic ideas –

  1. In a tumbler filled with ice, start with a splash of vodka (ice cold and start conservatively – you can always add more)
  2. Fill most of the rest of the glass with your choice of fresh grapefruit juice and blood orange soda.
  3. Top off with a little champagne.

The ingredients here are completely variable.  Just choose some of your favorite citruses and enjoy.



blood orange cocktail2

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