Classy Sh*t Sip

“Champagne Wishes” Pt. 1



I’ve heard a lot of concerned, passionate feedback recently about the lack champagne on my blog thus far.  “Love your look,” they say, “but where is all this glorious bubbly we were promised?”

Well here it is – pop the corks and rejoice because my first champagne post is here!

My reco for all you amazing, beautiful readers is to always, always keep a bottle or two in the fridge.  That way, you’re always prepared to celebrate at a moment’s notice.  Life speeds past at a crazy rate these days so stopping to celebrate even the little things is important.

Get that raise you’ve been waiting for?  Pop some bubbly.

Matched with the cutest guy / girl on Tinder?  Pop some bubbly.

Binging on Fallon clips on Hulu?  Pop some bubbly.




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