Central Park

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The other week when I was back east with my brothers we had one of those classic New York afternoons. We walked a good deal of the park and then spent hours sauntering through the Guggenheim. Well, maybe not a “classic New York” afternoon for a New Yorker. But I definitely didn’t feel like a tourist. I felt like I was doing something I would do on a random weekend. Luckily my younger brother had been in the city for a few weeks already so he was able to confidently direct us around the city (including navigating the subway from Tribeca to the upper east side).

It was a beautiful day – and a great time with my brothers. I was also lucky enough to convince them to take a few photos on our walk so that I have some photographic proof that I was in New York!

Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of 2014!



sweater – H&M
jeans – Uniqlo
shoes – Sperry
jacket – H&M | similar
sunglasses – Classic Specs

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