Classy Sh*t


I was once playing a variation of Heads Up! (describe a word without using the word itself) and a friend of mine uttered the most poetic string of words I have ever heard:

“The furry caterpillars that live above the windows to your soul.”

Can you guess?



How genius is that?

Well It’s day three of my medicine cabinet cleanup and I tried to think of a similarly poetic description for my focus today.

How’s this:

“The downward facing dual orifice overhanging your pie hole.”

hahah damnit I don’t think my description is as impressive. Did you guess ‘nose’?? If you did then good on you – I am utterly impressed.

Eau De L’Occitan is the newest addition to my medicine cabinet. It’s a lovely combination of pepper, lavender and burnt wood (sounds weird but trust me it works!).

I hope my L’Occitane recommendations this week have helped inspire you to try some new grooming products. Trust me – some new additions to your medicine cabinet will make your tired morning routine a little more fun.

And don’t forget to groom those furry caterpillars!


L'Occitan Eau De Toilette 1

L'Occitan Eau De Toilette 2

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