Nashville: Travel Diary

Hey y’all! I was in Nashville recently for one of my absolute favorite human’s bachelorette weekends. It was delightful so I thought I’d share a couple of highlights in case you ever find yourself in Music City. First of all, we stayed in a cute little Airbnb which I would definitely do again. Ubering everywhere was easy and getting around the city was never more than 10-15 mins…

Classy Sh*t Grooming Travel

What’s In My Toiletry Bag?

Can we have some real talk for like just a sec? Q: What’s the first thing you do when you’re staying at a friend’s place and need to get ready? A: Obviously try their products in the bathroom. Don’t even try to lie to me. I will call you out so hard. What kind of human are you if you don’t try the shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer,…

Classy Sh*t Travel


I just returned from an incredible week-long vacation to Reykjavík, Iceland so I thought I would throw together a quick travel journal to share some of my experiences. I hope this little sampler platter of Iceland inspires you to book a trip. It was truly incredible – breathtaking, awe-inspiring, rejuvenating… i could go on. But I’ll pause. I’m all about short and sweet lists these days so here…

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Harajuku Lover

Oh nooooooooo! It’s the last of my Japan pics! I don’t know why but I just said the line above out loud in the voice of Aziz Ansari. Weird. But anyway – I guess since I’ve now fully unpacked and gone through all my photos… It’s time to plan my next trip! This day was a super fun one because we wandered around Harajuku – which was like…

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My Issue With Statement Sweaters

I’m still riding the high of a nice long vacation but now that I’m back stateside I’ve had a chance to appreciate the adventure with a little perspective. We live in a crazy world and there’s plenty of heartbreak in the headlines on a daily, nay, hourly basis. I don’t know what tomorrow might bring but today I’m doing what makes me happy – which includes some travel…