Dem Boots with the Fringe

Asos High Tops

I have a little bit of a problem. When I see shoes… I buy them. It’s like a reflex that I just don’t have any control of. And for better or worse, Asos makes it way too easy to get my fix. Sometimes I set aside new shoes to wear for the first time on a special occasion. Take these amazing fringed high tops for instance. I bought…


Pre-Fall Grievance Sandwich

Floral Embroidery Men's Fashion Fall

I am overrun with emotions right now. On one hand I’m so excited that it seems like the worst of summer has passed. I can actually sleep through the night without sweating so hard that I’m desperate for a gatorade at 6am. And it’s been a few weeks since I’ve stood in front of the a/c for several minutes at a time while getting dressed in the morning.…

Classy Sh*t Style

National Eye Exam Month

Classic Specs, Warby Parker, Luxottica, Eye

It’s National Eye Exam Month so I’m taking it upon myself to remind you to schedule that annual optometrist appointment. My mom always told me when I was younger that getting your eyes checked regularly is not optional. You only have two eyes. So take care of them! I also happen to love going because it usually inspires me to get some new frames. I’m sure you’ve heard…

Classy Sh*t Style

Fast Fashion. Stay Woke.

There’s a fashion trend that’s bubbled up recently that I am completely getting behind. The apparel world has transformed over the past ten years. We’ve gone from fashion by season to fast fashion. I’ll explain. A decade ago, clothing stores would flip their collections pretty much four times a year. You had the basic fall, winter, spring and summer seasons when a designer’s work would go from runway…


Q: Something Everybody Loves

A: A good sale. Friendly reminder – now is about the right time to keep an eye out for those amazing annual summer sales. I know, I know. But it’s only the end of July! Well, lucky for you this is actually a good thing for us. The stores may be pushing lightweight fall sweaters already but that means they need to make room by clearing out all…