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To The Water

Dockside 2

A few weekends back I was up at my mom’s place in Big Bear, a small town in the mountains about 2 hours outside of LA, and went to take some photos near the lake. I don’t know about you but being near a large body of water always makes me introspective.

When I was in high school and first got my driver’s license I would test the limits of my newfound independence. I’d take off after school and drive an hour or more across town in traffic to go to the beach. I would park, walk barefoot in the sand, and plop down in front of the waves. I’d then call my mom to tell her I was safe (I wasn’t a maniac) and sit and watch the horizon.

What is it about that view that makes every other tribulation in life seem insignificant?

I don’t know but it always makes me see the big picture.

Okay. Diary entry over. Carry on.


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Summer Whites

Summer Whites 3

While I’m on the subject of being ballsy with summer trends… let’s discuss all white.

You might think, “Don’t I look like a house painter? Or a nurse?”

A few tips to look your best and not like a total newb:

First, you might not completely get this from my pics but it’s important to go with tonal whites. You don’t want to wear all bright white everything because you will definitely look like a mental ward staffer. Wear an off-white with a bright white.

Second, do not wear white shoes. Go with grey or light brown. Something with texture like a suede desert boot.

Third, and most important, don’t make it perfect. Roll your cuff. Wear some weird jewelry. Half tuck your shirt in if you have a cool belt. You don’t want to look like someone who would freak out if you got some BBQ stains on your shirt or grass stains on your pants. That’s what bleach is for.



Summer Whites 1

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Turquoise with Attitude

Turquoise 2

Turquoise is having a little boost in popularity this summer so I thought I’d chime in with my own take on it – specifically in the form of an oversized men’s ring.

So here’s the deal. I think most people see a big chunky ring and think, “Oh my God… there’s no possible way I could ever pull that off.” Well in that moment you have fallen victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You know how people pull off statement jewelry? By not giving a fuck. If you don a big, crazy ring and are caught up in how it looks on you and whether people are judging you and how silly you must look… then you’re not wearing the ring. The ring is wearing you.

How’s that for some sage fashion wisdom.

My advice: wear the ring (in turquoise because that was the whole point of this) and don’t give a single fuck about what other people think. And it doesn’t hurt to wear that ring on your middle finger just in case you need a reminder of what frame of mind goes with it.



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And We’re Back. Back Again.

July 4th 2017 1

Oh em gee. It’s been a long, LONG time you guys. How have you been?? I’ve missed you.

I didn’t make any big public proclamation about it but I decided a year ago to take a break. I walked away from Champagne & Chivalry and from social media altogether. Besides the odd post here and there, I really didn’t use Instagram or C&C at all.

I debated whether or not to give it up forever or to just get some distance to recalibrate.

I’ll spare you all the gory details – but at its simplest, C&C is a creative outlet that I cherish. It’s a platform on which I can curate very personal content. It’s an amazing way to connect with total strangers across the globe who share similar interests. It’s also been an incredible way to discover new menswear, grooming, alcohol and entertainment brands that I may have never otherwise given a second look.

The tough part is to balance all of these. Whenever I felt my own annoying voice, the opinions of others, or the influence of a brand-sponsored post outweigh and overpower the others… well, I started to feel icky; Not true to myself.

As you can see, it took me a full year and some soul searching but ultimately I decided to return :)

So I’m back – hopefully new and improved.

Hope you all have a lovely 4th of July weekend.

Lots of love,


July 4th 2017 2

Like Kanye Loves Kanye

camel 22

Say what you will about his tirades and life choices, but there’s a reason why Kanye is such a tastemaker.

Dude’s got some style savvy.

His past two Yeezy collections have been brilliant and “season 3” is no different.

Did I just call Yeezy’s baggy sweatshirts and borderline hobo-chic aesthetic BRILLIANT??

I did.

And here’s why: It’s simple. He has a neutral color palette with lots of monochromatic combinations. Putting things together is a no brainer. There’s no fuss. It’s classic American sportswear with a high fashion undertone without coming off as pretentious or overly stylized.

You’re going to beg to differ with me about that pretentious point when you see the price tags for torn up ribbed sweaters and basic hoodies.

But what I mean is that you can essentially pull these looks off without actually shelling out the dough. Update your color palate, try some monochromatic looks, and you’ll look like you just walked off the runway… but without dealing with the insane rules Kanye imposes on his models.

Go for camel, army green, grey, beige.

Go for slouchy fit tops.

Go for monochromatic.


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