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National Tequila Day



It’s Monday. This means, if you’re anything like me, you’re open to suggestions on ways to brighten your day.

Well let me also tell you that today is National Tequila Day.

You hereby have my permission to get a margarita at lunch or make yourself a little tequila + soda after work.

I’m still working my way through a stockpile of tequila from my friends at Casa Noble so that’ll be my first stop when I get home tonight.

Salud, mis amigos!




Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Cheers

Teeling Whiskey 1

If you’re buying a last minute gift for a guy with even an inkling of class and taste, then these will do the trick 99% of the time:

A silicon ice mold for perfectly spherical ice cubes
A classy set of tumblers
And of course some Teeling Whiskey. Yum!


Just the Taste


If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to commit.

When I go to Chipotle I always get the “medium hot” tomatillo. Not spicy. Not mild.

I wear a medium in almost every type of clothing.

I get a grande at Starbucks. Tall doesn’t cut it and venti is overboard.

Goldilocks is my spirit animal.

Ok just kidding about that last one. Everyone knows that Beyonce is my spirit animal forever and always.

But my point is that I’m not attracted to extremes. I like to taste test and go middle-of-the-road and not overindulge.

Enter Flaviar. The idea is an awesome one. They send you a selection of spirits in a tasting pack (with good-sized samples) so you can give them all a test run. What a neato idea for a gift (birthday, housewarming, bachelor, etc.) – or even for yourself. I tried out a whiskey flight which was delightful.

So go with your inner Goldilocks and try some taste testing :)





Pour Me


This past weekend I was up in Paso Robles (about 3 hours north of LA) once again for some wine tasting. I think it’s now fair to say that one of my official hobbies is definitely wine tasting. Day drinking is a hobby, right?

Luckily my friends at Cork Pops hooked me up with this VinoIce wine chiller so that upon returning home with my bountiful collection of vino, I’d be ready to pour!

This little guy is perfect to put a chill on a red or else keep a nice white or rosé (heeeyyyy) cool.

The core of the silver probey looking part that goes into the bottle chills down super quickly when you stick it in the freezer (or a bucket of ice) and the gravity pour lid opens automatically as you tilt to pour … in other words, it’s sweet – and enables your very classy hobby of day drinking. I mean… wine tasting.

Now the question is which bottle do I open first…





Strawberry Kiwi Bellini

strawberry kiwi 2

Y’all it’s time for a hump day treat and I don’t know about your neck of the woods but it has been HOT in LA recently. When I’m sweating bullets I don’t want anything heavy – I want light and bubbly and fruity. I want Kristen Bell in a glass.

Bellinis are made with fresh fruit purée and prosecco. Although typically peach, the purée can be anything you want – and I want strawberry and kiwi. Isn’t that the best combo since peanut butter and jelly?

This one is as simple as blending or muddling (go for the blend of you want a smooth sip) fresh strawberries and kiwis. Add a splash of prosecco (or fill the glass… It’s your life) and enjoy!

The Essentials:
Prosecco –
Villa Sandi Prosecco DOC
Mionetto Prosecco Brut, Treviso DOC

strawberry kiwi 1

strawberry kiwi 4

strawberry kiwi 5

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