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What’s In My Toiletry Bag?

knolling 1a

Can we have some real talk for like just a sec?

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you’re staying at a friend’s place and need to get ready?

A: Obviously try their products in the bathroom.

Don’t even try to lie to me. I will call you out so hard.

What kind of human are you if you don’t try the shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, etc. that your friend has in the bathroom? A liar. That’s what kind of human.

Well I am not ashamed to admit that if I have stayed at your house I have most definitely tried your products.

So I thought, “Why not give the people what they want!?” And I know that what you really want is a look into my toiletry bag.

Here you go. A few things I’m digging on lately that you should try.

1. Dr. Perricone Pre:Empt Series (a travel size exfoliating pore refiner, skin perfecting serum, and oil-free hydrating cream)

2. Secret Clinical Strength (nobody likes a summertime stinker)

3. Blemish Extracting Tool (that little silver toothpick thingy – Google this and say goodbye to blackheads)

4. Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste (the polishing compound of toothpastes)

5. Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Rescue (I use it a few times a week to keep the crow’s feet to a minimum)

6. Epicuren Lip Balm (I’ll be honest – this was a free sample and I haven’t tried it yet but the gold packaging was pretty)

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No More Mean Muggin’

eye bags 1

I swear I’m not a cynic. I like long walks on the beach and babies who giggle and happy endings in movies. But at this point in my life I think I’ve been around the block enough times to distinguish between optimism and fantasy.

For example, I totally applaud all of the fitness fanatics that are reborn every January. But the realist in me knows that their “new year, new you” intentions will soon fade.

Is that an asshole-y thing to think??

It’s not that I doubt their desire to improve. I applaud that! I just think it’s funny that the gym is PACKED in January but when the month closes out… I can finally find room at the squat rack.

So here’s hoping that 2016 is different and all those renewed fitness goals have some longevity.

But for those of you among us (like me) who also enjoy some attainable and easy new year makeover goals – how about givin’ that mug of yours some love!

I loooooove love love laugh lines and crows feet. I think they show the world that you live a life of laughter and contentment. But let’s not take it too far and end up looking like the Marlboro man!

I snagged these cool firming eye gels on Amazon and they’re fantastic to throw on after a long day at work. After about 10 minutes I definitely notice those little lines and dark bags under my eyes fading into a firmer, tighter situation.

This isn’t an endorsed post – just me sharing a little tip from me to you ;)


eye bags 4

eye bags 6

eye bags 3

eye bags 2

Gentlemen Only

Gentlemen Only Givenchy

I just got my hands on Givenchy’s latest men’s fragrance, Gentlemen Only, and its simple, masculine, clean scent is one that you’ll love as much as I do.

I rarely go for heavy, rich colognes which are so often associated with smelling “masculine.” I don’t get that. Sure, there are the Clint Eastwoods of the world who you would imagine smell like gunpowder and cigars… but I’m a young buck who goes to Soul Cycle and checks Instagram too many times in a day. I shouldn’t smell like Sean Connery. I shouldn’t smell like I take my scotch in the den surrounded by my collection of leather-bound books…

I think you get it :)

Gentlemen Only is modern yet classic; Masculine yet light. Give it a try.


PS – This is an awesome gift idea for dads and grads this Father’s Day / graduation season. I’m neither recent grad nor youthful dad, but I smell great now. So I’ve got that covered :)

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 6

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 4

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 3

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 2

Gentlemen Only Givenchy 7

Fulton & Roark

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 7

Are you an expert traveler? Like what level are you? Ninja level? Supreme Aficionado level?

Let me ask you this – if you were a backpacker, what’s one of the most important things to consider?

Yes! Dead weight!

When it comes to hauling your stuff around with you, whether it’s an inflight carry-on or a mountaineers pack, the less weight you’re hauling the better. On top of that, the FAA’s liquid restrictions pretty much rule out bringing along your favorite cologne. I wish I could cut to one of those infomercials where a guy in black and white is shaking his head exasperatedly at the sheer frustration of it all!

You know I’m going somewhere with this, right? Have I ever led you astray??

Well, my friends at Fulton & Roark turned me on to solid colognes. These cool little wax-based fragrances, nestled into a handy little swivel lid-topped container, pack a mighty punch with just one swipe of your finger and a dab behind the ears.

No longer will you worry about smelling your freshest when traveling. Throw one in your carryon, your gym bag, and your work carryall.

I love these little guys and I know you will too :)


Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 4

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 2

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 3

Fulton and Roarke solid cologne 6

Clean Up Like a Man

Das Boom Industries

Although I certainly have tried-and-true staples in my medicine cabinet (Carmex lip balm, St. Ives facial scrub, Kiehl’s moisturizer, etc.), I also like to test drive new products. You never know when your favorite [insert product] might be dethroned by a hot shot newbie.

After sampling Das Boom Industries, I may have found some new contenders for that prime real estate in my medicine cabinet.

Their “Everything Wash” and “Everywhere Lotion” are ideal additions to every man’s morning routine – no nonsense products to get clean and to moisturize (let’s face it, winter has left you a little withered). And with manly-man scents like bourbon, leather, bay rum … and yes, smoke and dirt(!), even getting clean won’t mean washing away your manliness.

No rosewater and lilac for you. You’re a man. Now go moisturize.


The Essentials:
Das Boom Industries – Everything Wash
Das Boom Industries – Everywhere Lotion

Das Boom Industries 2

Das Boom Industries 3

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