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Colors of Tsukiji

Tsukiji Market 18

I’m a sucker for a good open air market. What better way to get elbow to elbow with a throng of locals and tourists alike.

The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is home to the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market and houses a daily auction for tuna to be shipped all over the world. It’s a free sight to see (the market, not the auction – which you need to arrive at 4am to try to get in to see… no thanks!) and definitely worth the trip.

We spent the morning strolling through the crowded walkways and browsing all the seafood, produce, kitchenware, and restaurants. Obviously our stomachs started growling so we sat down in one of a hundred identical little sushi restaurants (more like a market stall dressed up like a restaurant). What followed was the freshest sushi you could probably ever eat. YUM.

I love you, Tokyo!

Tsukiji Market 22

Tsukiji Market 1

Tsukiji Market 29

Tsukiji Market 28

Tsukiji Market 26

Tsukiji Market 25`

Tsukiji Market 24

Tsukiji Market 23

Tsukiji Market 31

Tsukiji Market 20


L'Occitan Eau De Toilette 3

I was once playing a variation of Heads Up! (describe a word without using the word itself) and a friend of mine uttered the most poetic string of words I have ever heard:

“The furry caterpillars that live above the windows to your soul.”

Can you guess?



How genius is that?

Well It’s day three of my medicine cabinet cleanup and I tried to think of a similarly poetic description for my focus today.

How’s this:

“The downward facing dual orifice overhanging your pie hole.”

hahah damnit I don’t think my description is as impressive. Did you guess ‘nose’?? If you did then good on you – I am utterly impressed.

Eau De L’Occitan is the newest addition to my medicine cabinet. It’s a lovely combination of pepper, lavender and burnt wood (sounds weird but trust me it works!).

I hope my L’Occitane recommendations this week have helped inspire you to try some new grooming products. Trust me – some new additions to your medicine cabinet will make your tired morning routine a little more fun.

And don’t forget to groom those furry caterpillars!


L'Occitan Eau De Toilette 1

L'Occitan Eau De Toilette 2

Don’t Drop The Soap

L'Occitane Shower Gel 1

What kind of soap do you use in the shower – liquid or solid?

I’ve been a bar soap guy for the most part, carefully crafting precise dexterity over the years so as never to drop the soap.

I have yet to be anywhere with a bar of soap besides my private shower at home, but don’t worry! If and when the need should arise, I’ll have a death grip on that soap and it won’t be going anywhere.

Much like my post yesterday, there comes a time when bar soap becomes a bore. It’s time for a change.

I tried out L’Occitane’s shower gel (aka ‘gel douche’ – because obviously any opportunity you have to say ‘douche’ out loud is an opportunity you must take). Go ahead. Say it. I’ll wait.


Isn’t that fun?

Anyway, I’m on a vacation from my trusty bar soap with this fancy french gel douche (there, I gave you a second chance) and I’m loving every minute of it!


L'Occitane Shower Gel 2

L'Occitane Shower Gel 3

Fresh Shave

L'Occitane Shave 4

It’s time for a change, y’all. A change in the bathroom medicine cabinet. A change in the morning routine.

I get bored very easily.

Using that same face wash or shampoo every morning makes me feel dull and unmotivated come shower time.

So I’m mixing it up! For the rest of the week!

Let’s throw some new players into the morning routine game.

Today I’m trying out L’Occitane’s shaving lineup including their shaving cream, brush and razor.

I’m really only a 2x per week shaver (usually cool with some stubble for a few days in between) so for me a shave is not an everyday thing. It’s a special treat. And this L’Occitane range makes it feel special. It’s like a French spa day for the face.

I encourage you to try some new products out in your morning routine – even some small sample sizes. It’ll make you feel like you’re somewhere much more exciting than your dull bathroom on a Wednesday morning.


L'Occitane Shave 6

L'Occitane Shave 1

L'Occitane Shave 3

L'Occitane Shave 5

L'Occitane Shave 2


Aloe Gloe 2
Everyone cheats.

You know you do.

Oh I should clarify – I’m not talking about infidelity. What you do behind closed doors is your business.

I’m talking about diet and exercise.

If your friend tells you she’s strictly paleo and never strays, well, she’s full of shit. She definitely sneaks a cupcake now and then. And that’s totally fine.

What’s not fine is when every day is a cheat day.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and started back up with a trainer at the gym recently. So let’s see where my newfound health kick gets me; Hopefully more energy and a little more muscle.

In the meantime, I’m taking other little steps like cutting out sugary drinks (farewell, sodas and juices) and trading up to healthier options like Aloe Gloe. You’d be amazed how many calories and how much sugar you’ll eliminate from your diet by making little steps like this.

Here’s to healthy choices!


Aloe Gloe 1

Aloe Gloe 3

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