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Fast Fashion. Stay Woke.

There’s a fashion trend that’s bubbled up recently that I am completely getting behind. The apparel world has transformed over the past ten years. We’ve gone from fashion by season to fast fashion. I’ll explain. A decade ago, clothing stores would flip their collections pretty much four times a year. You had the basic fall, winter, spring and summer seasons when a designer’s work would go from runway…

Classy Sh*t

Bedside Table

We’re squarely in the summer season now so what are you still doing with dusty wintertime accessories and clutter sitting around your bedroom? Be honest – Do you have random clothes tossed over a chair or side table near your bed? Does your nightstand have random charging cords, magazines, late night taco bell receipts, etc. piling up on it? Shouldn’t the first thing you see in the morning…

Classy Sh*t Style

Summer Whites

While I’m on the subject of being ballsy with summer trends… let’s discuss all white. You might think, “Don’t I look like a house painter? Or a nurse?” A few tips to look your best and not like a total newb: First, you might not completely get this from my pics but it’s important to go with tonal whites. You don’t want to wear all bright white everything…

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What’s In My Toiletry Bag?

Can we have some real talk for like just a sec? Q: What’s the first thing you do when you’re staying at a friend’s place and need to get ready? A: Obviously try their products in the bathroom. Don’t even try to lie to me. I will call you out so hard. What kind of human are you if you don’t try the shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer,…

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I just returned from an incredible week-long vacation to Reykjavík, Iceland so I thought I would throw together a quick travel journal to share some of my experiences. I hope this little sampler platter of Iceland inspires you to book a trip. It was truly incredible – breathtaking, awe-inspiring, rejuvenating… i could go on. But I’ll pause. I’m all about short and sweet lists these days so here…