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Saturday Skincare

Who’s in need of some new skincare recommendations for some end of summer facial fun?


I have the hardest time staying on a good skincare routine during the week. Between work hours, afterwork sessions at the gym, finding time to walk my dog, etc. it’s just so hard to carve off those few extra minutes in the morning or before I fall into bed. So from Monday to Friday I pretty much stick to a gentle face wash in the shower and maaaaaybe some eye cream at night.

What’s nice about having some time to myself on the weekend is that I can take a look in the mirror and spend a few minutes giving my face some TLC.

I’m a fan of the at-home facial – which reminds me… I should do a little “how to” on that sometime. Note to self!

But what I wanted to share today was a few products that I’ve added to my medicine cabinet recently:


Perricone Brightening Eye Cream is awesome – I try to use it during the week if I can remember.

Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Rescue is also sweet – I use it before bed and even before going out.

Epicuren Glycolic Lotion Skin Peel – this one may sound scary, but I use it once in a while to literally cause my face to peel, revealing tighter, brighter skin. You need to use it sparingly because it’s basically acid that removes the uppermost layer of skin.





National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Today’s the big day! IT’S NATIONAL DOG DAY!

As I mentioned yesterday, in my Prelude to National Dog Day, I am quite excited to celebrate this very special day with my pup, Grace.

She’s a little black lab mix who I’ve had for 4 years now… 4 years? Maybe 5. Let’s just move right along. It’s just been such a joy having her that I’ve lost track of the time. It’s definitely not that my memory is failing me and I don’t recall when I adopted her.

In any event, Grace was a rescue. She was only a few months old when some heartless monster dropped her off at a high kill animal shelter in Los Angeles.

Luckily a friend of mine spotted her and helped me adopt her.

If you’ve ever thought about it, I hiiiiighly encourage you to rescue an animal. You’re saving a life that will ultimately add so much joy to your life.

Give your pup an extra squeeze today!


Polo: Fred Perry
Shorts: Forever 21 (last season)
Shoes: Stan Smith Adidas

National Dog Day

National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Prelude: National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Tomorrow is National Dog Day! I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to start celebrating man’s best friend so consider this a little pre-holiday teaser.

To honor my dog, Grace, on the eve of this oh-so-important celebration, I’m donning one of my fave pins – this little setter. Is it a setter? Let’s go with that.

I picked this up recently during my trip to Nashville (which I did a little travel diary for w/ some recommendations in this post.)

Lapel pins are awesome because you can add them to a jacket in a classy way like this; or you can add several to a more casual / edgy one like a motorcycle jacket. Either way, they add a special detail that can be a conversation starter without being too over the top.

I never want to be the guy who you spot from across the room because I’m wearing something insane. But if, as we’re talking in close proximity, you pick up on a cool detail like leather trim on a shirt’s buttonhole or a quirky pin on my lapel, mission accomplished. It’s those little details that I love love love.

Scotch & Soda generally does an amazing job with subtle details like that. They’re having an amazing end of summer sale now (50% off) so check ‘em out.

Sadly I got this pin at a vintage store so I can’t give you a direct link. But check out accessories like this at your fave store!

Happy National Dog Day (tomorrow)!!


National Dog Day

National Eye Exam Month

Classic Specs, Warby Parker, Luxottica

It’s National Eye Exam Month so I’m taking it upon myself to remind you to schedule that annual optometrist appointment.

My mom always told me when I was younger that getting your eyes checked regularly is not optional. You only have two eyes. So take care of them!

I also happen to love going because it usually inspires me to get some new frames. I’m sure you’ve heard of and have maybe even tried out Warby Parker. I’m fully supportive of alternatives to $600 frames from Luxottica. Do you know about the Luxottica monopoly? Here’s a little light reading if you’re curious – Forbes: Luxottica. But just in case you also want an alternative to Warby, I’ve been a fan of Classic Specs for a few years.

I should add – I’m not being paid or gifted in any way for this post. I’m just a fan of the brand and have a few pairs of their eyeglasses and sunglasses that I love.

They’ll ship you several frames for free to try on at home – which is super helpful.

At $89, I’m also not going to lose my shit when I inevitably sit on a pair in my car or leave them at the movie theater.

Peep ya later,


Classic Specs, Warby Parker, Luxottica

Fast Fashion. Stay Woke.

There’s a fashion trend that’s bubbled up recently that I am completely getting behind.

The apparel world has transformed over the past ten years. We’ve gone from fashion by season to fast fashion.

I’ll explain.

A decade ago, clothing stores would flip their collections pretty much four times a year. You had the basic fall, winter, spring and summer seasons when a designer’s work would go from runway to showroom. The refresh would mean sales of the prior season’s clothes to make room for the next season. It was methodical and sensical.

Fast forward to today when, thanks to instant gratification everything, fast fashion has taken over. Brands like H&M, Zara, and Asos have become mega-players replacing brands like GAP, J.Crew, and many others in a ranking of top retailers.

Why? Well we won’t get into an entire global economy / macroeconomics lesson BUT, basically those brands that have reduced development time and production costs so drastically are now able to restock and flip merchandise in a fraction of the time. They’re essentially able to go from runway design to ready-to-buy extremely quickly.

There’s a ton of criticism of fast fashion around it’s root causes and implications – including shoddy craftsmanship, labor rights, environmental impact, etc.

I think there’s a lot of work to be done to address some of the issues above. They’re heavy issues and I recommend an amazing documentary, The True Cost, if you want to learn more. Stay woke.

Something that has come out of the ires against fast fashion is a prevalence of garments with time-consuming detail work.

What’s the opposite of churning out fast fashion? The slow, meticulous work needed to emblazon an article of clothing with highly detailed stitching and embroidery.

Ironically, fast fashion brands are picking up on a trend that was meant to call them out as inferior.. but nonetheless, I am loving the movement toward detail.

It started with brands that can charge a fortune for this kind of intricate detail like Gucci (check out this sick jacket) and has also ironically made it to fast fashion brands like Asos (classically taking high fashion and making it accessible, for better or worse)…

The more you know!



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