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Labor Day Book Reco: How to Set a Fire and Why

How to Set a Fire and Why

If yesterday’s review for Into the Water left you a little underwhelmed and soggy, you’re in luck. Fire beats water (haha where’s my Captain Planet ring??) with an amazing novel called How to Set a Fire and Why.

I read one review that compared this YA fiction to Catcher in the Rye. It has a Holden Caulfield-esque female protagonist who struggles with a difficult home life and behavioral issues that make her school life even worse. Her obsession with a secret arson club leads her down some interesting paths that showcase both her maturity and aimlessness.

I gobbled this one up since it’s definitely for high schoolers. Middle schoolers? I don’t know… but it’s an easy read and a very compelling story. Actually I would say it’s probably more high school appropriate… there’s some sex and language.

Funny story – I read this on a flight to and from Nashville and you will get some interesting looks from people at the airport while you’re reading a book called How to Set a Fire and Why. I imagine it’s like riding the New York subway reading a book called How to Fart in Public. Oh well.



How to Set a Fire and Why

Labor Day Book Reco: Into the Water

Into the Water

There’s a glorious long weekend coming up so here’s one option for some Labor Day reading – Into the Water.

So you know I’m all about a good book recommendation. I love to get them and give them. Into the Water is by the author of The Girl on the Train – which I loved… but I’m sad to say that I just couldn’t get behind this one 100%.

I don’t know if it’s because I read it over the course of a month instead of all at once. To be fair, I love when I have a couple of long flights (like LAX -> NYC and back) when I can get totally lost in a book and power through 500 pages. And who can deny a good beach read? Getting lost in a book as the sun fades… The best! It’s when I drag a book out over too long that I think it loses my interest.

Into the Water sounded really intriguing. A murder mystery? In a small town known for witch trials? With a clandestine underage affair? Sign me up!

Sadly there were so many characters that I just couldn’t keep track of (or give a shit about) and the plot developments that you would think of as major (rape, kidnapping, murder) all sort of fell flat. It was like listening to music under water. Everything was a little muffled and soggy.

But hey – it would be a fast beach read so if you’re looking for a psychological suspense thriller that does have a pretty solid Amazon star rating, give it a go!

And don’t fret. Come back tomorrow for a fiery recommendation for a book that I LOVED.


Into the Water

This One’s a Shoutout to my Nerds

Sleeping Giants 1

Okay so if you know me at all then you know that I’m a mega nerd and love sci-fi. After recently perusing some super dorky books on Amazon, I stumbled across a reco for a book called Sleeping Giants.

It had a massive metal robot that an ancient alien race had disassembled piece by piece and scattered across the world thousands of years ago. It had a team of scientists scouring the planet in the hopes of assembling this massive humanoid. It had an international crisis as clandestine government agencies feared that it was a weapon of alien origin.

Needless to say, it sounded exciting and right up my alley.

Oh, and the best part – turns out it’s the first book of a trilogy. I read the first book in like 45 minutes (ish) and returned to Amazon to pre-order the second book (which is out now). I love when a good book just keeps on goin.

If you drool over movies like Independence Day, Star Wars, World War Z, etc. – then I HIGHLY recommend Sleeping Giants + Waking Gods.

Happy reading, ya big nerds.


Sleeping Giants 2

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Irony

Tidying Up 1

This gift idea is a little on the ironic side during this season of endless giving and commercialism. Okay actually it’s very ironic and completely tongue in cheek.

But it’s also an incredibly enlightening revelation around how ‘stuff’ weighs us down.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing will instruct you on how to address each item in your home to determine whether or not it “sparks joy.” If it doesn’t – SEE YA!

Get the packrats in your life this lovely little book about decluttering. They’ll thank you – and maybe give you some sweet hand-me-downs! ;)


ps – these make me happy:

Tidying Up 2

Furiously Happy

Furiously Happy 1

I need to share this book with everyone I know – which includes you!

Seriously – read this book. I haven’t LOLed like this in such a long time.

Jenny Lawson has a way of finding humor in the things that might ordinarily knock the wind out of you. She struggles with depression, anxiety and heartbreak, like so many. But instead of succumbing to the immense weight of life – she actively chooses to be defiantly, heartily, FURIOUSLY HAPPY.

Her quirky humor will leave you giggling – trust me.

I’m actually forcing myself to not read more than a chapter or two at a time so that I can make this goodness last just a little longer. I love it so much!


Furiously Happy 2

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