California Classic

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It’s been a little bit of an Indian Summer here in LA so I’m rocking warm weather clothes despite my strong inclination to break out the sweaters. September should mean a fall wardrobe complete with scarves and boots, right?

Well luckily my east coast ties and cold weather inclinations are being held at bay by some new threads from Katin.

If I must enjoy warm breezes and sunshiney days (life is so hard in LA…), I’m glad to do so in this classic California surf brand.

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Whilst in Palm Springs a few weekends ago, I felt just as comfy in Katin lounging in the hotel room as I did going to dinner and out to bars. This hoody shirt is awesome and the hat made me feel like a total surfer dude.

I’ve never surfed. But I felt cool enough to try… Some day :)

Enjoy this last glimpse of summer – and check out Katin for some classic California cool.


hooded tee – Katin
hat – Katin
shorts – J.Crew
shoes – Vans
sunnieGs – J.Crew Factory
watch – CT Scuderia

select photos by @Oscar

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katin 5

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